We Dare You to Utter the "B" Word

You probably have unintentionally whispered it to yourself, but there is no need to live in constant fear that someone might over hear. 'Budget' doesn't have to be a terrifying, party killing word. In fact, knowing your limits about how much you're willing to spend and what you're willing to spend it on will stop you from buying unnecessary stuff from Target or Etsy or starting impossible Pinterest projects that require a thousand pieces of materials that you don't have but apparently everyone else has lying around their house. Plus seriously, is there really a such thing as an easy or simple DIY? 

The problem is most people think budget means your party will be a hodgepodge of awful mismatched things--(though we'd like to think of it as a beautiful eclectic selection) but that doesn't need to be the case. There are plenty of great party planning services (*ahem*) and supplies you can find for a great deal. Why break the bank on ONE party when you can be mindful of your spending and throw several mazing shindigs--and still not have to weep over your credit card bills? 

So before you plan to have a party, think about what you 100% need and those things that would be nice to have. Shop around (Google is your friend!) and set a realistic budget. And yes, we can help with that.