Perfection ≠ Fun

So you're working on planning the perfect party. Your perfect theme will be so original that once you post pictures from your party on Instagram, that fight you got into with your best friend about her theme idea will be worth it. You've already picked out the perfect decorations you will use (Pinterest has you feeling brave AF), and have already purchased every single item you need--though your family is probably throwing epic shade at you for spending a small fortune on the materials you need to recreate Norwegian color changing glitter streamers even though you owe several of them. 

You have it all planned out. Cool--but are you planning on having any fun and making sure you're guests have? You know, F-U-N? OR are you planning to have a PERFECT party? There's a big difference between the two--and don't misunderstand us, parties can be "perfect" and fun. But they can also be flawed and freaking fabulous. Think about it, how many times has someone asked you how perfect a party was? Ok, that ONE coworker you don't like might ask this, but 9/10 the question will be, "Did you have fun?" 

We don't want you to stop aiming for great party experiences for your guests, just remember the social moments you create for (and with) your friends and family should be memories that aren't defined by how perfect they were, but rather how much fun you had with and because of the people you care most about.