Fancy Pants Party Consultant

Our consulting option is best for those who have more flexibility to dedicate the  time to planning a large portion of their event, but are looking for some guidance and/or suggestions for their special day. Perhaps you need to research a venue or caterer but don't have the time or maybe you need someone to sort through your guest mailing addresses and format them for a mass mailing or perhaps you've taken on some DIY projects for your event and just need a pair of extra hands. We'll happily take on those responsibilities so that you can focus on the other details of your event. 

Partial fancy pants experience

The partial Fancy Pants Party experience is for those who need a bit more structure than consulting. Perhaps you're only able to dedicate a finite amount of time to planning your celebration, or maybe the unexpected happens and you're not able to begin planning as soon as you'd like--fear not, the Fancy Pants Party Team can help. With this package, you still maintain lots of involvement in developing your vision but a member of our team will support you in sorting out the details. 


If your calendar is overflowing with reminders, appointments and social engagements, the full Fancy Pants Party experience is an option we recommend for you. This package will allow you to focus your attention elsewhere while we take care of all the details. One of our team members will schedule an initial consultation with you about your event, create a customized event plan (including check in dates) from start to finish and act a a buffer between you and any vendors you may need for your special day. 


Yep, moving is an event--a huge life event sometimes, even if you're only moving within the city. Fancy Pants Party can help you plan a packing schedule, execute packing logistics, storage arrangements and give you peace of mind on the day of the big move. Contact us with details about your move and we'll see how we can help you navigate the stressful details so moving isn't a chore. 


If you're not sure which option is right for you or if the packages available will fit your needs, contact us and we'll recommend the best option based on your vision or work to create a custom package just for you.