A Few Random Party Planning Tips

Here are a few things we think about (or have learned to think about) when planning a celebration:

  • Having a house party? Keep all, the ahem, ~essentials~ in a place guests can easily locate without having to come to you. 
  • Outdoor party? Think about where the shade will be for most of your party and set up seating there. Also your guest will appreciate you so bringing extra SPF. Sunburns suck. 
  • Wine spills happen. Pat, don't rub, & try using the original Dawn dish soap and on the spot to get the stain out if it's red wine. It's worked for us in the past 👍🏾
  • Traveling to a venue? Always anticipate traffic or other delays. Always. Would you rather be early or late?
  • Avoid waiting until the day of to try new brand of makeup for a party. Just trust us. 
  • First aid kits aren't just for bandaids. Pack anti-nausea, allergy & headache supplies as well. 
  • Charging stations for phones are A-MAZ-ING.

*Seriously, how awful would it be to hear that one loud friend yell out to everyone that your toilet clogged and overflowing? 

Latoyia Hall