How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Sometimes it's REALLY hard to get started on a project. Think about the last big task you had to do. You probably found more than one way to procrastinate and postpone starting it because there was so much to think about that you simply stopped moving forward. That same 'stuck' feeling can certainly happen when you begin planning an event. No matter how small or simple you'd like your celebration to be, there will always be some moving parts that you don't consider right away or overlook because they didn't seem like they would be too complicated to pull off. So how do you move past that "UGH, I just CAN'T" feeling you get when you need to start planning your event?

Our advice to you: plan backwards little by little. Start to imagine the experiences or elements you'd like to have at your celebration (don't forget to write these ideas down so you don't forget) and then work your way through what it would take to logistically have each of those elements you really want. For example, think about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You don't think about pulling out a plate for the sandwich, or getting the peanut butter from the cupboard first, you think about the sandwich, which is your end goal. It is only after you have the end goal in mind (the PB&J sandwich) can you plan out what you need to get there and the steps you have to take. 

Planning an event is a lot like eating an elephant. You do it one bite, er, step, at a time.