full fancy pants party experience 

The full Fancy Pants Party experience is designed to support those who do not have the time to plan an event from start of finish and to enjoy the party experience without the additional stress of planning the details of their celebration. Those who opt for this package typically find that the time they can devote to the details is limited and want support in creating a fantastic event for their guests. 

  • Up to 60 minutes of initial consultation 
  • Unlimited email and phone communication up to the day of your event
  • Budget proposal and monitoring 
  • Vendor research and contact 
  • Fancy Pants Party member serves as intermediary for all vendors (or those of your choosing)
  • Contact organization 
  • Invitation creation and preparation (electronic or paper)
  • Invitation mailing  (or electronic mailing)
  • RSVP monitoring and follow up 
  • Day of event support (optional)
  • Theme/decor proposal 

The Fancy Fine Print

The full Fancy Pants Party experience is ideal for larger events that require 5-8 months of support or more than 40 hours of planning. Fancy Pants Party team member will only serve as the intermediary of those vendors you select. All vendor invoices are to be signed and paid by you or those who have permission to represent your event.  Fancy Pants Party is not responsible for fees associated with late vendor payment or cancellation. Payment for the full service Fancy Pants Party experience is to be paid in (3) installments; an initial non-refundable deposit, and two installments thereafter based on your event date. In the event of a celebration cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of your last installment if written notification is made within 3 days of the last installment.  Notification of cancellation of your celebration received 4-7 days after your last installment is subject to  a 50%  refund of the last installment made.